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To introduce myself, my name is Nicole.   The“N” in Boxed-N-Ranch stands for, Nicole.  My animals are not in small cages all over the place and are NOT "boxed" in literally.    My animals are a huge part of my life and they are what I enjoy the most. 


I raise AKC Registered Newfoundland and Doberman Pinscher pups; however, I also breed Newfypoo and Doodleman Pinscher. These litters; when available, are from AKC registered Sire and Dam allowing for Registration through International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). This is the only registry that will allow hybrid pups bred from AKC Sire and Dam to be registered. 

I feel that individuals or families should be able to enjoy a puppy and by breeding my Standard Poodle crossed with a Newfoundland or Doberman Pinscher, allows many people with allergies the opportunity to own at least 50% of the breed they love. The breeds may allow for low to no shedding and should keep the “dog dander” low and can make these mixed breeds "hypoallergenic". There is no guarantee to this, but over the years I have had really good experience with hybrids. 

The hybrid pups are amazing! They have great temperament and a uniqueness about them. I do not have hybrid pups of my own; however, I get a lot of insight from the present and past pup owners.  This is where I make a lot of great friends and memories.   I only raise first generation or F1 pups. 


So, the "Gallery" may not be designer or the best photographic pictures but, they are each, and every one of my animals or maybe one of the family members just being themselves.  oodle

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 Absolutely hands down an amazing Breeder To go through. I just recived my aussiedoodle not that log ago, she is training. To be a service dog and I could not be happier. Not only is miss shasta(my puppy) intelligent and beautiful, but Nicole has went above and beyond to make sure the entire process went smoothly even after we got the puppy. Unlike most breeders if there is for some reason(and it’s doubtful) a problem Breeder is adamant to find a solution. When you add the fact that she does not have the typical “snooty” Breeder attitude you have yourself a Breeder for life!! Will be getting any future additions to the family through Boxed-N-Ranch  

-  Jessie Lusk

  These dogs are not only GORGEOUS, they are also extremely friendly, and well cared-for. If buying responsibly is important to you, then this is the place you should get your pup. Nicole loves her dogs and it's immediately apparent. She knows their individual personalities and she is very careful not to over-breed. Plus they live on an honest-to-goodness, green-acres farm. We got our Newfypoo from her over a year ago and we still stay in contact about how he is doing, which is great, by the way. He is extremely smart, gentle, and loyal. He is very much a companion dog, he follows us room to room. He's got that Newfy sass, and poodle intelligence and it makes for quite a character of a dog. If you can't tell already, I think very highly of these animals and of Boxed-N-Ranch   

-  Jaquelyn Peck

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Our natural plant food and soil conditioner is made from all natural Alpaca manure with no chemicals added. It is low in odor and comes in several forms:  

Ground, Concentrate, Liquid and Tea Bags.

Boxed-N-Ranch is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association

(Not for human consumption. Wash hands after use.)

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